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absonant's Journal

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Hello, and welcome to absonant. Here you will find livejournal templates, tips and tricks by aery, previously known as n_o_c_t_u_r_n_e.

So what exactly qualifies as a template? According to dictionary.com:

A document or file having a preset format, used as a starting point for a particular application so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used: a loan amortization template for a spreadsheet program.

I'll define it in my own words as well - all layouts here do not use any external images. It is however, easy to edit them and add in your own header image, as well as change the colours, width; anything you want, really. The layouts here just form a base that make it easier for you to create your own layout.

I do not require credit of any kind, but I do ask that you do not claim anything here as your own or repost my work without permission. For more information, please read the Terms of Service.

Things are still in the works a bit (or actually, a lot), but I'd love it if you hung around and joined. You can find all the templates here, a list of tutorials here and some important community information here.

If you'd like to link back, feel free to grab a button:

Thank you for being a part of this.